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I’m so introverted it hurts – Johnny Drille



Nigerian fast rising musician, Johnny Drille, has revealed some part of himself which actually reflects in the kind of music he makes. Johnny Drille, “Shine” singer revealed he is introverted and to him, it hurts.

It’s a normal feeling for most introvert to feel hurt about themselves, its how they are. They always feel “not among” and different from everyone else. Introverts may seem quiet but get close enough, you’ll see that they are much of a talkative.

I’m so introverted it hurts - Johnny Drille

I’m so introverted it hurts – Johnny Drille

An introverted person is one who is reserved and Johnny Drille is one of them. Johnny is known to share some of his personal life with fans on the internet and this one to us is no shocker.

We’ve always know that Johnny Drille is Introverted. Introverted persons have deeper connections to human emotions and feelings more then extroverts, this is the reason why Johnny Drille’s music creates a deep connections to oneself.

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