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Old man caught having sex with primary school girls



An Osun state 72 year old man was caught red-handed yesterday as he was sex with two primary school girls in his room in Osogbo, Osun state. The school girls usually left school during school hours to sneak into the old man’s room for the body satisfaction. Some other girls who were in the habit of sneaking to see the suspect, according to an eye witness report.

Report has it that, for months school girls have been visiting him during this times while he keeps them behind closed doors the neighborhood took it that they are his relatives or grand children.

A neighbor who heard an unusual girl’s moaning from his room raised an alarm after seeing through his window, the man have a threesome with school girls. The elderly man who was romping with two primary school girls was immediately dragged outside afterwards.

After several interrogations, the elderly man confessed that more than 10 children always visit him for this immoral sexual acts. The old man is currently in the custody of the Police.

What was the management when school girls left the school at school hours ?

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