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Lessons Nigerians should learn from Buhari-led administration



Nigeria will not progress until she has learnt some lessons from her past and current leaders. A child who must grow must learn from her mistakes. The problem with Nigeria lies within Nigerians, as well as the solution. So far Nigeria is being led by the worst president in her history.

We have become poverty HQ, “Yahoo boys” producing country, Terrorist marked country, etc, all in the space of 5 years of President Buhari’s tenure.

During the just concluded 2018 general election, the best candidate to vote as President was Mr Victor Moghalu, but due to god-fatherism, money, religion, ethnicity, corruption, we voted the wrong person again.

Funnily, the President Buhari got re-elected, you sure know how it happened. Let’s learn from this lessons and things will steer to the right direction.

Don’t vote a politician based on promises: It’s no longer a myth that Nigerian politicians don not know how to stick to promises. They should get a Domestic stick from “Josh 2 funny”. Each election’s campaign, Nigerians are promised the same thing over again. When they get to power, Nigerians get the total opposite.
I can remember vividly when President Buhari promised to even Naira with dollar. Lo and behold the gap between the two currencies has tripled, making things worse for Nigerians. He also promised to eradicate fuel scarcity and reduce the cost of fuel, but as of the time of this post, Nigerians are going through the worst fuel scarcity of all times. To mention but a few.

Don’t vote a politician based on ethnicity: So many ethnic groups exists in Nigeria, that’s good. But it’s not good when we use our background as a criteria to make decisions that will affect the whole nation. That will continue to take Nigeria backward. A regular Nigerian will want to vote for someone who is from the same side of the country with him, but at the end it doesn’t turn out well. In voting, vote wisely. In elections times, Nigerians know whom to vote for, but due to god

Don’t vote a less educated politician: In Nigeria currently, the number one person has achieved at most a debateable SSCE certificate, this is very shameful. To be a president of Nigeria you don’t need a good level of educational certificate, but to get a 50k paying Job, you must have a masters degree.

Are we not living in stone age ?

This is why education is not given the right attention. Who needs that to become a president ? Little wonder the popular street slang “School na scam”. We need someone who has gone through the rigorous education system in Nigeria, in order to better the educational standard in Nigeria.

Don’t vote an aged politician: Let the old age be, they have lived there time on earth. Why would a man who is above 60 be in a leadership position of a great country ?. Scientifically the body starts experiencing a diminishing return at the age of 50 and above, in some cases, earlier.

An aged President cannot be as decisive as a young one, this is one of the reason Nigeria is failing. We don’t have decisive leaders and this is due to their age.

Don’t vote a non-technology inclined politician: For the sake of humanity, the world is in its jet-age and fast growing technologically. Having a non-tech inclined president will ruin the country for us all, just as it is. Rumors have it that President Buhari doesn’t know how to use a smartphone smartly. Many countries pride their technological advancement but Nigeria can only pride on her “Yahoo boys”

Don’t vote an unhealthy politician: Health is a factor in life that must be taken seriously. A leader should be healthy enough to handle a country’s affairs. Instead of flying in and out of the country for medical treatment, spending national funds.

Nigerians, lets use our head.

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