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Grumpy Cat – Pet worth $100 million dies at 7



Internet sensation, Grumpy cat, worth $100 million has passed away due to complications with urinary tract infections. The celebrity pet died on the morning of Tuesday, May 14, at home in the arms of her owner, Tabatha Bundesen.

Grumpy cat became an online sensation after her owner, Tabatha Bundesen, who works as a waitress shared a picture of the pet on Reddit on 2012. The cat with dwarfism and a perpetual frown raked millions of views in less than 48 hours in imgur. Grumpy cat’s social media account boasted millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

Grumpy cat was not just an ordinary cat, it became a source of online meme recognized by BuzzFeed and CNBC.

As a result of the fame, cat owner, Bundesen started her own company, Grumpy Cat Limited.

“I was able to quit my job as a waitress within days of her first appearance on social media and the phone simply hasn’t stopped ringing since,” Bundesen told The Telegraph in 2014 .

Grumpy Cat - Pet worth $100 million dies at 7

Grumpy Cat – Pet worth $100 million dies at 7

What made Grumpy cat worth $100 millions ?

Two years after posting the original photos of Grumpy cat on Reddit, Bundesen earned nearly $100 million from Grumpy Cat’s paid appearances, book deals, and modeling career, according to The Telegraph. In add, a company that breached the terms of a deal to use the cat on its products paid Grumpy Cat $710,000.

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