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Full gist on the worship minister, Michael Arowosaiye, who committed suicide



Michael Arowosaiye a minister who committed suicide by hanging on Tuesday, 14th May has been confirmed as a member of Shepherd House Church, Apo and not RCCG. The church has promised to release details of how Micheal died and a CCTV footage.

According to reports and statement released by RCCG concerning the matter, Michael left RCCG, where he served as a worship leader, two years ago to Shepherd House Church, Apo Abuja. Michael Arowosaiye who was said to have taken his own life by hanging due to financial issues and the inability to pay his house rent is said to have owed no rent.

Released statement by RCCG says that Micheal was given an accommodation (Boy’s Quarters) by one of her members until the day her took his life. RCCG’s statement reads in part,

“The said Mr. Michael Arowosaiye was not a minister in the RCCG. He was a singer and a keyboardist in one of our Youth Parishes in Abuja until 2017 when he left for another ministry in 2017. His movement to another ministry notwithstanding, Michael, through his elder brother who is presently one of the coordinators of the RCCG Youth Choir, continued to get invitation to minister in RCCG programmes.

He had accommodation problem in 2018 and though he was no longer in the RCCG, a family in the Mission gave him the Boy’s Quarters of their house in Sunnyvale Estate in Lokogoma which was where he lived till the unfortunate suicide incident.”

CCTV footage detailing how Michael committed suicide is currently in possession of the Police and the church (shepherd House Church) would call a press conference to speak on the issue on Saturday, a source told DailyPost.

He said, “Facts from Mike’s death reveal that he never owed anyone some rent. He lived with an RCCG member at Sunnyvale estate and there is a CCTV footage that detailed how Mike ended his life at 4:33 pm on the said day.
The church’s lawyer, who also knew Mike very well, in the company of a police commissioner watched the CCTV video and he has a lot to share with you. Meanwhile, the church is considering calling for a press conference to have questions from the media.”

Possible reasons why Micheal Arowosaiye  took his life.

Full gist on the worship minister, Michael Arowosaiye, who committed suicide

Full gist on the worship minister, Michael Arowosaiye, who committed suicide

However, unconfirmed rumours bears it that Michael was only suspended by the church (shepherd House Church) over an ungodly relationship with some ladies in the church. Adding that he was about to get married only for the ungodly relationship to be exposed by the partner-in-crime.

Unconfirmed source wrote on Facebook,

Mike didn’t leave suicide note and he didn’t die because of financial or rent issue. No church abandoned him because of rent. If you know pastor Telena of Shepherd House, you will know he takes very good care of his members and pastors the way he takes care of himself.

Mike left RCCG 2years ago to Shepherd house church Apo, Abuja where he was a worship leader but was suspended 2months ago, his wedding cancelled because of sexual relationship with another girl who leaked his nudes hence he got frustrated because of the embarrassment. His house was given to him by the church for free.

This narrative that redeem abandoned him is a lie. No body is defending church but you people should stop looking for any opportunity to attack men of God. There are not the reason Nigeria is hard. You didn’t elect them, channel all your frustrations to Buhari and Fasola that’s not giving us light for days and won’t even give anytime soon.

In another news, #NextLevel is not here yet, it’s coming in 2weeks…..prepare for it. Cheers
Namaste ?

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