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CSS Oroworokwu Secondary School clash in Port-harcourt shuts down school



An intra-secondary school clash of CSS Oroworokwu Secondary School students has forced the school into impromptu dismissal. Students were scared and had to run for their lives. Some had to jump over the rails of the school’s two-storey building.

The incident happened on Friday as a result of clash between SS2 and SS3 Students of the school in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The students engaged in a class fight that led to the entire school’s dismissal.

According to Lailanews, the students armed themselves with different kinds of weapons including a tear gas grenade.

In a video shared by Lailanews on Twitter, students can be seen escaping the fight, jumping from the first storey to the ground.

A student dared to record the video of the incident not until students started running from all over the school.

CSS Oroworokwu Secondary School management has not made any comment regarding the clash and no official report of casualties are available.

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