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Bizzare reason why politicians send their children abroad for studies



Local schools and institutions in Nigeria are depreciating rapidly but that doesn’t affect only a set of people in Nigeria – her politicians.

Want to know why ?

Mr Dipo, a UK based Nigerian and founder of BTDThub throws light on the reason why some politicians have their kids school outside the country, and not in the depreciating schools.

In a tweet post, Mr Dipo Awojide wrote,

“Some of our politicians send their teenage kids abroad to schools where they pay £40,000/year (N18.8M) just for tuition, while our own pri/sec schools remain in a shitty condition. That money they’re paying you to constitute nuisance is to enslave you till their kids take over.”

So here’s the trick played by rogue politicians, which happens to be the case in Nigeria. When the masses are less educated, they remain in power.

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