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Zimbabwean man sets a lady’s house for refusing him intercourse



What was the worst payback you received as for refusing to offer someone a thing ?

Eleward Sariwa, a 23-year-old man from Zimbabwe has been dragged to court for setting ablaze his neighbour’s house, who had rejected his sexual advances towards her.

Sariwa broke into Precious Jamu’s home, and laid undressed down on her bed, waiting for her return.

Precious was totally oblivious of Sariwa’s actions, so she was shocked to the bone to find Sariwa not only in her house but on her bed.

When she declined Sariwa’s pleasure, he insisted that he needed to have sex with her.

Precious turned down his advances and threatened to scream for help if he did not leave her house. Sariwa dressed up and left but threatened to get back at her.

Zimbabwean man sets a lady's house for refusing him intercourse

Sariwa later set Jamu’s kitchen on fire and destroyed property worth up to $350.

Sariwa is facing charges including unlawful entry and malicious damage to property. He has also been remanded in custody till April 17, 2019 for hearing.

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