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SS3 student stabbed to death by her boyfriend for breaking up with him



An SS3 student has passed away after being stabbed to death by her estranged boyfriend for breaking up with him.

SS3 student stabbed to death by her boyfriend for breaking up with him

Ulumma from Imo state, was attacked by her boyfriend Chibuzor last week Thursday. Chibuzor forced Ulumma to stay in the relationship with him but she declined.

Ulumma was rushed to the hospital where she finally gave up the ghost on Monday, April 1st.

SS3 student stabbed to death by her boyfriend for breaking up with him

Ulumma died few days before her Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) on April 11th.

Online reports has it that Chibuzor has been arrested and is in police custody.

Below is what Ella Peters, who shared the news wrote on Facebook.

Chibuzor pori(the killer) Even if they later release you from police custody it will never b well with you for causing little Ulumma such Pain. Am a living witness ulumma told you she was never interested in d relationship and u vow that d relationship will b by fire by force..

Chibuzor (the killer) you seek for my advice so many times and I told u to let her go that they are other beautiful girls outside besides that girl is tender but u insist it must be her.. Now you have cut her life short you killed her dreams you make her and her family wallow in pain from Thursday last week till April 1st when she finally gave up ghost.

Ulumma is suppose to start her ssce Exam on 11th but you send her to early grave before the Exam .. Pori y? I hate u for this I pray u never return, I pray u rust there, I pray u never make it to see sunlight again..What pain me most is that u hv d guts to go to the girls family house To stab her, what her crime? She said she is no longer interested in d relationship.. You are not d one training her what is d thing or how much have u spent on her that made u do dis, so many times d girl parent have made her stay far away from home so that u wunt see her but u will trace where she is and start disturbing her to an extent I advice her to report to d police .. I regret ever knowing u chibuzor I never knew u where this wicked and hrtless.. Chia Rip Ulumma Do not sleep fight till justices take place.”

This is one of the reason, young people, especially teenagers are adviced to avoid relationships. Most teenagers are not matured to bear the drama that comes in being a relationship.

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