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Simple reason why most girls bleach their skin



She has become of age and now has access to Instagram, give her few days she turns her skin color around.

It has become a normally for girls the age of 16 and above to apply skin bleaching cream to their natural skin.

The trend is growing rapidly at an alarming rate in Nigeria and the reason is not far-fetched.

Reason why Most Girls Bleach Their Skin

To favour Instagram: Social media lifestyle is the new lifestyle where luxury is the currency. Girls who top the skin hall of fame are light skinned.

So most dark skinned girls who look to up their stats, go bleaching their skin.

These ones only bleach the face, since you barely notice the leg.

To Slay: Slay Queens are rising in number. The just out of high school girl want to explore her youthful age to the extreme, who is to be blamed ?

All round bleaching is required to be a slay queen because you’ll need to make some personal properties public.

Simple reason why most girls bleach their skin

To feel among: This one has to do with self-esteem. Some dark girls have this self-esteem issues which makes them feel inferior under their skin.
Although it’s a popular stereotype that fair girls are most beautiful.

Truth is true beauty lies in making the best out of what you have and not changing it.

Personally, fair girls are beautiful, but a dark beautiful lady is irresistible.

Beauty is a personal journey.

To blend in: To some girls, being dark in the midst of people fair to the teeth can be disturbing. Not an issue of self-esteem but the want not to look different.

Most times it lies in peer group influence.

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