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Naira Marley has become a shame to Nigeria



Naira Marley aka Azeez Fashola popularly known for his much welcomed noise “Issa goal” took to this Instagram page to write the most disgracing piece of all time and I quote,

If u know about slavery u go know say yahoo no b crime..

Naira Marley, a shame to Nigeria

Did he just justify internet fraud with slave trade ?

Yes, Why won’t he, when the type of music he makes tells us a lot about his level of intelligence. Only the “out of their mind” rate high his music. The above statement is a clear proof to the fact that Naira Marley supports online fraudsters, just as all of his music video embolden.

Let me ask his fans a question ? In what way have Naira marley’s songs affected your live POSITIVELY ?

History dates back to the time when slave trade was a booming business, but believe me, many wars were fought to stop slave trade. Let’s move away from history, many Nigerians now give themselves off to slave trade. Take the Nigerians trapped in Libya for example.

You can’t justify internet fraud with Slave trade or even glorify it. Internet fraudsters are simply greedy and lazy opportunists who prey on the ignorant.

The United states now raise red flag for some states in Nigeria because of terrorist attacks. That’s no good news, the government is tackling that. But how can they tackle it when the younger generation now see fraud as a means of livelihood. Fueling laziness and lack of innovation which has ripped Nigerian youths of her place in the world. We are still dealing with bad politicians.

Internet fraudsters are usually seen as redeemers of the Nigerian economy by lazy people, who say that “Yahoo boys” make money circulate. At whose expense ?. But they have forgotten that internet fraudsters dupe Nigerians most. You won’t see the news report of a “Yahoo boy” caught duping a Nigerian because most times they get away with it.

Many Nigerian celebrities who preserve the country’s image, with net worth above $50,000, impacted in the lives of Nigerians positively and made good music have openly spoken against online fraud.
I don’t see the statement made by Naira Marley as a shame to other Nigerian celebrities, because he is not a celebrity but only a candle burning its last wax.