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Ibos discovered wealth first and existed before Jews – Ooni of Ife



Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife has revealed that the Ibo race are the first race to walk the earth, which is contrary to popular belief that the Jews were the first.

According to him, he said the Ibo race were the first to discover wealth through a Divine means. He said this during a recent event.

“Truth be told, the race that first discovered prosperity and wealth and they really nurtured it are the Igbo race. The Igbos first discovered it through their ancestral background, the linage of Obatala. They discovered the lineage of prosperity and wealth in terms of the divinity world and that is the reason why today, the Igbo race have very good expertise when it comes to commerce. They are very distinct. There is no place you would go in the world that you would not find an Igbo man.

Ibos discovered wealth first and existed before Jews - Ooni of Ife

‘And the same goes with the jews. There is this mistake the world makes that the Igbos came from the Jews. No! It is the other way round. Truth be told, the first human race that existed was the Ibos before the jews and we were all living together at the center of tropical rain forest before they started moving towards the Eastern part of the world where they started settling. So the race of the Jews and the Igbos are very similar but the Igbos are way older than the jews.”

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