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Full story – killing of Kolade Johnson by SARS officers (video)



Wails could be heard from the family of Mr Kolade Johnson who was shot dead by SARS officers when he went to watch a football match in his neighborhood.

Full story - killing of Kolade Johnson by SARS officers in Lagos

Kolade Johnson was gunned down at Onipetsi Junction in Lagos State by the dreaded SARS operatives whose name were not made public.

A close friend discussing with Kolade the morning before he was killed.

Full story - killing of Kolade Johnson by SARS officers in Lagos

Kolade just after he was shot dead by dirty SARS operatives.

Lifeless body of Kolade Johnson.

Father of Kolade Johnson during an interview by The PunchNg said “Before he killed my son, the policeman shouted, ‘I must kill somebody today”.

The Nigerian police released a statement concerning the illegal killing. The force said the men behind the death of Kolade has been arrested and will be prosecuted internally.

Nigerians didn’t welcome the secret prosecution of the SARS operatives, demanding that the police make public the personnels by parading them just like the do with other criminals.

Nigerian singer, Simisola aka Simi voicing her stand against the killing and secret prosecution wrote on her social media handle.

“Why internal? Why not make public scapegoats out of them so the others learn accountability. If they don’t value our lives because they should, let them value it for fear of the consequences.

She pointed to the President of Nigeria to takes disciplinary steps to ensure justice is served.

“An innocent person dying because of the recklessness of an organization that only exists cos of lack of value. They do Not care. At all! I’m actually fed up. I’m tired. @MBuhari pls let someone pay for this. Pls. They can’t keep doing this to YOUR people and getting away with it.”

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