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Why #YouSmellNice is trending on Twitter



#YouSmellNice hashtag is making the Nigerian internet space go frenzy again on Twitter. This time, it’s between a female Human resource manager (employer) at Twinex group and a male job-applicant who came for an interview.

The HR manager is one Taiwo who according to her Twitter location is based in Ontario, Canada. Taiwo narrated how the male job-applicant came for an interview and made a compliment which she found offensive.

She took it that the job-applicant was being rude.

Refer to the image below.

Why #YouSmellNice is trending on Twitter

Nigerians who would not let Taiwo get away with her actions took to her mentions and timeline to drop a word. This led to the creation and trending of #YouSmellNice on Twitter.

The Reactions from #YouSmellNice read below

My verdict

As much as it is good to compliment someone on something you find exceptional, it’s good to know that you can’t do anything anywhere.

It’s a job interview and it’s part of the work ethics to keep conversations formal.

Throwing in a compliment is not a good start.

Normally during an interview one can get into related discussion with the interview to keep oneself at ease, but not all interviewers may give the chance.

Paying compliment to an interviewer, mostly of opposite gender, is not necessary as the interviewer may misunderstand, just like Taiwo.

It’s best to stick to the rules during an interview.

On Taiwo’s side, she would have handled the issue more ethically.

Say “thank you” or simply “ignore” instead of actually being the rude person. Taiwo wasn’t rude with his compliment. He was only misunderstood.

Even if he may have sounded flirty, ignoring him or repelling him nicely would have been the best of reactions.

Finally, Taiwo shouldn’t have brought the case to the internet. Its an interview not public event.

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