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US college Student baths bleach into her roommate’s eyes



A female student, Brianna Esomchukwu of Prairie View A&M University has been arrested for pouring bleach into her roommate’s eyes.

18-year old Brianna Esomchukwu, has now been charged with aggravated assault.

News report say Brianna got into a fight with her roommate, 19-year-old Julisha Wyatt after Julisha complained that their room smelled like weed.

However, Brianna Esomchukwu debunked that and claimed the fight was due to Julisha always looking to put her out of the apartment’s.

During the struggle, Brianna had a substantial amount of bleach in her roommate’s eye and Julisha was rushed to a hospital by an ambulance.

Esomchukwu’s enrollment and status as a student are currently under probation as she is likely to face expulsion.

US college Student baths bleach into her roommate's eyes

Bleach in the eye can damage tissues in the eye therefore leading to blindness.

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