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Simi opposes Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo’s sermon on sex



Popular Nigerian musician, Simisola aka Simi opposes a sermon on sex by David Christian center pastor, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo.

Pastor Kingsley explained that “men want sex not relationship”, adding that the reason why most women are single is because “lot of guys are sexually satisfied”.

Pastor Kingsley wrote this,

“Women need to understand that men are not emotionally developed as they are, women know what they want from childhood. The average teenage girl has dreams of how her wedding will be. Men as teenager is just playing ball, he has no dreams of settling down. He wants sex, men want sex not relationship. God put so much sexual passion in men, expecting that women will obey him by doing access denied, so that if he wants so much sex he should marry. So, he will give you what you want, you will give him what he wants. That was how God planned it, but many women have been sabotaging themselves. So you have been giving it out to people that didn’t put a ring on it. This is why we have so many single people because a lot of guys are sexually satisfied. Men enjoy sex with more people, than with one person. So, you are messing up and sabotaging yourself by giving out free sex. If you do national lock up, these men will marry.”

Simi opposing the marriage is for sex notion by pastor Kingsley wrote this in a comment.

Simi opposes Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo's sermon on sex

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