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One real question you should ask your wife-to-be, a true life story



Twitter user, @xvnthe explains one of the real question to ask your wife-to-be, the lady you want to marry.

He broke down the reason for this question and trust me, you should ask that lady this question before you put that ring.

One real question you should ask your wife-to-be, a true life story

Dear MEN,
Whatever you do, whoever you choose to date, it is important to ask her how long she can endure being a temporary bread winner of the house…it is IMPORTANT to know what her take on the issue is. God forbid you lose your job for a few weeks/months. I am in no way praying you lose your job, but ‘things happen’, you never know what th future brings…and believe me, there are so many categories of women. Some will cover you so much, u will almost feel too comfortable. Some will, but the whole world will know she feeds you. Not many women will agree to being a full backup for the home without showing signs of “dude-i-didnt-sign-up-for-this,-i-am-probably-going-to-leave-your-broke-behind-shortly”, but it will shock you to know that there are thousands of them feeding the family right now.

For the Men, i just wanna share a very short story, the person in question is on here and has given me permission to share as well…just something we can all learn from. This bro got married two years before i did, one of the reasons i was excited about marriage was because of the beautiful stories he gave us about marriage, his marriage.
Believe me, i was so eager to know what the feeling was like…well things arent always rosy, are they?

A few days ago, i went to watch Manchester United at a game center close to his place, there i saw him standing just by the door, watching from outside…
‘bro, how far? Hope we get to win today’
He just smiled and said something i didnt really catch. After the match (which we lost anyway) he called me aside and asked if i could help talk to his wife…whatever for…why not, she was also like a sister to me!
He was close to tears while explaining his past few months, and i never even knew he had all that heavy burden.
Bro lost his job 6 months ago, according to him, he was paying ALL the bills at home, he practically had no savings, spent all on his house, wife, and two kids.
But for the last 5months, it had been the opposite, his wife had been doing all the payments.

Ofcos, there was no big deal with this, “it isnt like you arent looking for jobs around. I dont see where the problem is”.
“You wont understand”
“How do you mean”
“She reminds me and everyone that cares to listen, even in church how lazy i am, how she feeds d home…”
“ i stoop so low as to ask her money to cme watch ball, bro, i’m tired. Now she wants to leave wit d kids to her mum’s place. y cnt she just give me a lil more time”
I had never felt so much pity for a fellow man. I didnt even knw what to say. This was a man with damaged ego.
Yes, a man is the head of the home, but clearly he was no longer feeling like the head…not even the neck. All within 6months. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6…
All i advised was for him to endure and work a bit harder to get jobs, even if the salary is small. Dear Men, i pray you never have a reason to doubt your status in your home. Whatever makes a man a MAN wont depart from you, no matter what!
May your woman Love and RESPECT you always.

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