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Nigerians reacts as Blackface calls 2face “gay” in his new diss trqck



Drama as Blackface, 2Baba’s former band-mate releases a diss track record titled, war, where he hinted that 2Baba is gay.


Blackface dropped, war, a track crafted of ancient beats slamming 2Baba with all manner of ill accusations. Blackface still holds grudges on 2face after their break up as a music band.

We won’t go further on that. We just want to bring you the unreserved reactions by Nigerians online and here they are, below.

@Ovie – “2baba must’ve slept with Blackface’s wife, sister and/or mother. This is now bordering on obsession.”

@ukwuchisom – “Blackface saying 2baba is gay is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in my life.”

@Directedbydiji – “~ I don’t know what 2baba did when he was with blackface but I pray you never meet someone that won’t forgive you & move on. It’s been more than a decade & blackface still releasing a diss track in 2019? – Whatever it is, this blackface isn’t slowing down anytime soon o.”

@_onenigeria – “Blackface is just classless. Dissing 2Baba after how many years?? Even the beat on that “diss song” is like 20years old. We’ve moved from kpa du kpa ajegunle pattern bruv. You’ll never be quarter the man 2face is!.”

@mazi_duce – “Make Blackface move on abeg…
Dissing 2Baba and saying allegations about him wouldn’t remove/ change his mark in the Nigerian music industry..

Simply go meet am, make em arrange you money make you upgrade your Igbo.”

@Tscope_coded – “Blackface so dumb asf…. Still blaming 2baba for what??… After how many years instead of him trying to revive is dead career.. Oponu.”

@Knoxtainment – “Blackface’s diss on 2Face is really disappointing and childish..

2Baba should just do “Amaka Remix” just to remind him that he loves women and always straightforward😀😜.”

@somebodysaid__ – “Even if I was placed on the firing line,I can never confess to 2baba being gay…someone that likes woman like the earth likes the sun?.”

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