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How to survive in Nigeria, eight killer tips



They say survival is the whole summary of human existence. Yes, but survival in Nigeria is not the same survival in United States of America.

Surviving in Nigeria, an under-developed country is more daunting than surviving in developed countries. It’s no assumption. An average Nigerian is born into some set of struggles pre-served by the country.

Nigeria is blessed with human and natural resources by nature but most Nigerians aren’t benefitting. Thanks to the people at the top gear.

Its very important to share tips on how to survive everyday life in Nigeria and live to see the next.

How to survive in Nigeria, eight killer tips

How to survive in Nigeria

1. Get a handwork
At the age of 20 and you don’t have plans of your independence from your parents and don’t want to have plans, I’m afraid, you’ll die poor.

Schooling is not Scam. Don’t let lazy people fool you. After you graduate, a sense of responsibility is developed in you. So even if you don’t get a job, you start a trade.

Life blesses a hustler. Just get something doing.

2. Live within your income
The system in the country is pre-designed to take more than you earn, so why accumulate more loss. Assuming You earn 50k monthly and your savings is 10k, why go for 20k and above D&G product ?.

3. Meet quality with value, don’t be cheap
If you want to buy a thing, make sure it meet good quality and affordable.

It may not be the best of it’s type in terms of quality, but at least it should be quality enough so you won’t be buying the same thing in three or four months time, unless you want a change.

What’s the need of buying N500 “aboki” footwear that lasts for two weeks. Wheareas a 3k – 4k “Okirika” footwear may live longer than you.

4. Don’t follow follow
Everybody in this life has a life to live and it’s impossible for two persons to have the same story line.

Don’t imitate unnecessary lifestyle that won’t help you.

If pressurized, say “No”, the worst thing that could happen is mockery. You can’t kill yourself and run away at the same time.

But if you pick a good habit from someone, that’s fresh.

5. Don’t rush yourself
Haste makes waste, they say. Everything is a process. You may not have it now, but so long as you remain focused on your hustle, something go come out.

Quick money schemes has cost many their lives.

6. Obey the law
Surviving in Nigeria is more tasking when you default everytime and police becomes your friend.

Follow the rules guiding the country. You can’t outsmart everyone everytime. Political thuggery is one of the issues bordering the dwindling democracy in Nigeria.

7. Never Trust NEPA
I’m simply saying you should grab opportunities as they come. Due to poor electric supply in Nigeria, the moment you have electricity, don’t wait, use it.
Don’t say it will come next time. Next time may never come when you transformer spoils.
And of course you can’t trust power supply companies these days.

NEPA was the government owned electricity supply authority until electricity supply was privatised.

8. Be transparent
You don’t really fool a person and get away with it. Karma is real.
The poor victim may not be aware at the moment but in time the victim will realize and then Karma swings to action.

In conclusion, Trust your God.

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