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Building collapses in Lagos again, many trapped – Video



Another building has collapsed in Lagos island barely a week after a nursery school collapsed in the same area killing 20 persons, reports accounts.

Another building collapse in Lagos

The building at No 57, Egerton Square Alakoro area of Lagos Island is feared to have trapped it’s residents.

Rescue operations are currently going on to save survivors.

Prior to the collapse, the building was marked for demolition.

News following the Itafji school building collapse is the sad story of a surviving pupil, 3-year-old Sasore Kabiru who is now afraid to go back to school.
Itafaji building collapse

Kabiru speaking to The Nation said he was about to have his lunch when he heard a loud sound like that of a bomb.

“I was eating in my class when my school collapsed, I heard a loud sound, and our school shook and all of us fell on each other. I was afraid and I didn’t want to go to school that day, I later saw a caterpillar. Though I am fine but my back is still painting me and my neck.” he said.

His mother, Idera is in hospital receiving treatment due to cause of the shocking news.

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