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Best of “#Antwey” trend among Nigerians on Twitter



Nigerians have created yet another funny trend on Twitter and this time around it has to do with “Ant”.

You don’t believe it, do you ?

Best of "#Antwey" trend among Nigerians on Twitter

The number 3 trending “#Antwey” is by tweeting a word containing “ant” followed by the meaning written in a rather hilarious way.

Example is – “Ant wey dey receive service,ANTenna”.

You geh wah I min rite ?.

Best of "#Antwey" trend among Nigerians on Twitter

These are the best of the “Ant” trend to tickle your fancy.

Ant wey get belle, ANTenatal.
Ant wey they treat malaria Na ANTimalaria.
Ant wey Dey observe, observANT.
Ant wey know book, BrilliANT.
Any wey the do boxing, ANThony Joshua.
Ant wey violent, militANT.
Ant wey they examine financial records, accountANT.
Ant wey get cure, ANTidote.
Ant wey mutate, mutANT.


Ant that smells nice, deodorANT.
Ant wey go job interview, applicANT.
Ant that is poor, PeasANT.
Ant wey day serve, servANT.
Ant wey dey shift womb, EggplANT.
Ant wey no sabi, ignorANT.
Ant wey the contest election, aspirANT.
Ant wey be hushpuppi, flamboyANT.
Ant wey dey always look for trouble, ANTagonist.
Ant wey dem just born, infANT.
Ant wey carry belle, pregnANT.
Ant wey Dey cure depression, ANTidepressants.

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