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17-year-old boy rapes two sisters aged 3 and 5 the same day in Imo State



A 17-year-old boy in Imo state has sent two sisters aged 3 and 5 years to the hospital after he allegedly raped them in their compound along Oji roundabout on Wednesday March 20th. Leader of “Behind Bar Initiative” Harrison Gwamnishu, shared the story online saying that there was deep penetration in the 3-years-old causing her not to walk properly.

17-year-old boy rapes two sisters aged 3 and 5 the same day in Imo State

The family members of the rapist paid the victims’ parents a sum of N15,000 for medical treatment and N2000 for feeding which the victims’ parents accepted the money as settlement, according to Harrison.

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“The mother of the victims usually fries Akara while the father is a bricklayer. The mother of the girls usually drops them at her neighbor’s house. It was the neighbor’s 17 year old son that had sex with the girls. The three year old was badly affected as she couldn’t walk properly after the sexual intercourse”.

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Harrison said the matter had not been reported to the police by the victims’ family. Harrison said his team will make a formal report to the police today while the victims will be transferred to the Federal Medical Center in Owerri for proper medical care.