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Nigerian Customs intercept car full of Police uniform, teargas can



Federal operating unit of Nigerian Customs have intercepted a Sienna car full of Police uniforms, tear gas cans and other police accessories in Lagos.

The intercept was made in Lagos road as the Sienna space bus carrying the goods was making its way out of Lagos.

Nigerian Customs intercept car full of Police uniform, teargas can

The shocking part is that the uniforms and tear gas was not claimed by the Nigerian Police. Making it an unofficial distribution of Nigerian Police uniform which will fall into the wrong hands for the wrong thing.

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The Customs Area Controller, FOU, Muhammed Aliyu at the moment said one person had been arrested in connection with the seizure which would be the driver of the sienna. Aliyu said the uniforms were a threat to national security because they were not officially distributed and will get into the wrong hands.

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“In addition to the uniforms and tear gas, ranks, belts, berets and police badges with identity cards were also intercepted by the unit. The items seized are a threat to national security because the uniform can be used for kidnapping, Boko Haram activities or during the elections,” Muhammed Aliyu said.

A free, peaceful and credible election is what every Nigerian is expecting during the forth coming election. Whose ever is making any plan to disturb the peace of Nigerians or rig the election should desist.

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