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Lagosians burnt to death a young man falsely accused of theft



Lagosians burnt to death a young man falsely accused of theft

Nigerians living in Lagos tortured and lynched  a young looking man identified as Temitope Adeoye aka SODIQ as he was returning from work. The mob which attacked him accused him of theft and gave him no room to vindicate himself.

According to online reports by Temitope’s friend, @acelady_luck who narrated how Temitope was killed. @acelady_luck said that Temitope was returning from work and got to a bus stop along cele ijesha road. Some boys living in the area raised the theft accusation against Temitope. The boys immediately manhandled him and literally set him on fire.

Lagosians burnt to death a young man falsely accused of theft

Temitope’s mum died last December and he is leaving behind his pregnant girlfriend.

”This is the picture of TEMITOPE ADEOYE,his Facebook handle is (A KAN JI) he is my colleague at work apapa tincan island port, was coming from work when someone people point him as thief he was burn to death instantly his mother died last December and his girlfriend is heavily pregnant pls justice sodique justice for his family it happened last night along cele ijesha road.
”His name is SODIQ he is a clearing agent at apapa tincan island port he was going home last nite along cele ijesha road he dropped to pay the bike man when some guys out of nowhere started shouting thief thief thief he ran that he is not a thief but they caught him and started beating stabbing him till he was tired to move they remove his wristwatch his two phones and they set him on fire the fellow colleague went to ijesha police station to report but nothing was done the friend that escape went to report but they detain him and transfer him to panti in yaba he was burnt to ashes and nothing was done till two of the criminals went to the station to report and they found his wristwatch and phone on them they are still at panti pls help repost till the Nigerian police will see this we want Justice for SODIQ”.

No Police report has been heard concerning this incident. Similar incident took place at Anambra, where a man was beaten to death by villagers in Anambra State. The man was falsely accused of being a kidnapper by some kids who he was chasing because they broke his car’s windshield.

Jungle Justice is becoming rampant in Nigeria and the Law enforcement agencies are doing everything possible to curb the unlawful act. The police rescued one man at Owerri from being lynched. The man was accused of stabbing a girl to death.

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