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Google fixes $1 to ₦184 glitch



Tech giant, Google has fixed the bug which made the exchange rate between dollar and Nigerian naira to fall at 1 dollar to 184 Naira. The glitch was experienced yesterday evening, less than 24 hrs to general election.

While the exchange rate looks enticing to Nigerians in Google search result, it still remained the same at other websites like the official CBN site.

Google fixes 1$ to ₦184 glitch

Nigerians believed that Google was either on the side of being hacked or compromised by the government. Clearing the airspace and vindicating itself from any accusation, Google via their official twitter handle wrote,

“We’re aware of an issue causing inaccurate conversions for Nigerian Naira currency, so we will remove the conversion onebox from appearing in search results until we are able to diagnose the issue.”

The tech giant didn’t reveal the cause of the glitch. However the rate is back to the usual norm, this morning.

Nigerians react

Nigerians who were deeply concerned by the recent drama acted by Google took their comments online. Few comments read below as embedded.

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