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Dr. Chima Amadi unravels possible truth behind postponed 2019 General Election



Dr Chima unravels what may look like a good reason why INEC postponed the 2019 General Election. INEC has not really been in complete control over the election and electoral materials, hence the burning, diverting and disappearance of materials.

Read what Dr. Chima Amadi wrote.

You think the postponement was ordinary? You sit down in your living room gulping down cheep beer and shouting “this incompetence must not be tolerated” but know absolutely nothing about how your country is being ran! When you had the CBN deliberately muddling the delivery of Sensitive materials, you think that’s ordinary? When the government was putting pressure on the Commission to go ahead with elections even when they knew that deployments had been hampered, you think that’s ordinary? When flights conveying sensitive materials Scheduled to land in some airports were diverted to other states that were so far away from their initial destinations, you think that’s ordinary? When Buharists were rejoicing that elections would be staggered, you think that’s ordinary? When unwholesome pressure was being Mounted on the Commission to still proceed with the elections when it was obvious that some states would not be participating, you think that’s ordinary? When the govt deliberately delayed the release of already budgeted funds till very late in the day thereby delaying The mobilization of vendors,you think that’s ordinary?When mysterious fires kept destroying INEC facilities and sensitive materials,you think that’s ordinary?You think it’s ordinary that Pilots conveying sensitive materials from the Nigerian Airforce were asked to return to base?
This postponement was the culmination of several clandestine actions to achieve a staggered election but the INEC stood Its ground. The Commission at a point wanted just one day to surmount the challenges but the “unseen forces” had apparently penetrated NURTW, the Union INEC contracted to move 429,000,000 ballot papers & frustrated that move. Then the issue of Card Readers. INEC needed a minimum of five days to configure the replacement Card Readers that were deployed to Anambra, Plateau and Abia. The INEC Chairman stood by Nigeria. In resisting the concerted attempt to get him to stagger the elections and foist an Osun strategy on Nigerians, it is time for Nigerians to stand by him. It is better to postpone than go ahead and risk a major national disaster.

Dr. Chima Amadi unravels possible truth behind postponed 2019 General Election

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