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#ArewaMeToo – Fight against child girl molesting



#ArewaMeToo, a trending hashtag on Twitter moves fight against the molestation of young girls by spiritual leaders or family relatives who take advantage of young girl’s innocence and tenderness and hide under the shadows of culture or religious beliefs.

Twitter users took liberty to share the sexual abuse they experienced and how they turned out to be the guilty party when they opened up. Out of the many touching online reports, we handpicked the most touching. A story of girl who was abused at the early age of 5 till she was 15.

Her story reads below.

#ArewaMeToo in recent events I’ve seen on Twitter I have decided to share my own story, not for sympathy but for more awareness on the topic of rampant pedophilia in Nigeria. Especially when the abusers are your close family members and/or friends. Thread.

I’ll was sexually abused from the age of 5 till i was 15….I spent 10 years of my in pain, depression, disgust and sadly, in silence.

I wasn’t taught to be weary of men touching me at a young age so when my uncle, in his late twenties (who was living with us since before.

I was born), I didn’t know what was going on but deep down something didn’t seem right. I just didn’t know.

I’ve been asked why I never spoke up, but I didn’t know any better then. I was being manipulated into silence. This uncle of mine who everyone loves so much.

Anyway I’ll summarize what he did to me because I blocked out some memories for my own sanity.

1. He made me watch porn first and told me that’s what people are supposed to do so it was okay for us.

2. He touched me everywhere you can think of. Clothes on and off

Sometimes even around my family but when their back are turned, quickly and quietly.

3. He then told me to touch him in places, mostly handjobs.

4. Then it graduated to blowjobs, first time was when i was 6.

So many things happened.

5. Once i started using social media he would stalk me with fake accounts

6. Made up an alias of Major Abdul and sent emails with lies to my mother, calling me a slut, a lesbian, saying i was planning on running away, meeting with boys in school, i had bad friends…lasted 3yrs.

He made sure he had everyone’s trust and diminished mine in the process. This affected my so much i just shut down and stopped talking. I went to school came back home, stayed in my room and read books to escape. I didn’t make friends, so he won’t have leverage

So many things.

Under my own roof, in my (late) fathers house, the place i was supposed to feel the most protected. But instead that’s where I suffered and endured the most trauma. I put an end to things myself after i got the courage to speak up and tell the adults in the house, but nothing was done. He lied and said i was influenced by my ‘fathers side’ of the family because they had always had issues ever since i can remember. So this was just a plot.

There went my credibility. I was 11 when i spoke up. He was still around though no one did anything and so neither did i. For a few more years

I started sleeping with a knife under my pillow and when he snuck into my room after dark, i was prepared. I never intended to kill him with it, although it did cross my mind a few times. I just wanted to scare him (or castrate the bastard) alhamdulillah it worked. He got away with a few intentional cuts. Even though the abuse stopped, he was still there, laughing, joking, driving us to school and all. I’ve confided in some of my friends and therapists over the years. I think that’s what has kept me sane. I can say I’ve worked through my trauma and became stronger because of it.

I graduated secondary and came to the US for uni which is the best thing to ever happen to me because I never have to pretend and speak to him again. Over the tears I rebuilt my relationship with my mom but damage had been done.

He acts like he did nothing wrong, this was today.

#ArewaMeToo - Fight against child girl molesting

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Online polls suggests that Buhari is to be blamed after a girl went from Lagos to Ibadan to see her boyfriend




Online polls on Twitter suggest that Buhari is to be blamed for the actions of a girl, Damilola, who went from Lagos to satisfy her boyfriend Mark in Ibadan.

Online polls suggests that Buhari is to be blamed after a girl went from Lagos to Ibadan to see her boyfriend

A girl Damilola faked her kidnap, putting friends and family in distress only to go sleep with her boyfriend in Ibadan, 145 away from Lagos, according to online reports.

Damilola’s friends on Twitter declared her missing on the 9th of March only for them to discover she went to her boyfriend few hours ago.

Online polls suggests that Buhari is to be blamed after a girl went from Lagos to Ibadan to see her boyfriend

In the eye of the drama, a Twitter user conducted a poll asking who is to be blamed for Damilola’s actions. The user, @rebecca_spero conducted the poll with the following persons in preference.
Her Parents
Her host at Ibadan

The last preference, Buhari seems unlikely but surprisingly it is winning with 59% of 6,434 votes tops.

Online polls suggests that Buhari is to be blamed after a girl went from Lagos to Ibadan to see her boyfriend

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Nigerian puts computer science first degree certificate up for sale




A Nigerian simply identified as Yusuf Ahmed a digital marketing professional is selling his computer science certificate.

We can testify to this rare move after he posted the sale notice on Facebook.

Nigerian puts computer science first degree certificate up for saleq
Yusuf Ahmed graduated with 2.1 keeping the cert at a pocket heavy money value.

Want to buy follow this link

Posted by Yusuf Ahmed on Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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