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Unlucky man Beaten black and blue for stealing ladies panties



An unlucky pant thief, ifeanyi, was apprehended stealing pant at a student residential quarters at Mgbakwu, Awka north Local Government Area of Anambra State on Wednesday.

Beaten blue and black for stealing ladies panties

Beaten blue and black for stealing ladies panties

He broke into the the apartment and went straight to the rope where washed female panties hung. Quickly he ceased the pants but ran out of luck when an occupant came out to urinate and raised alarm.

He was immediately surrounded by a vicious mob who nearly beat life out of him, instead they left him gasping for air.

With the remaining life in him, he confessed to how he has stolen up 58 pants and sold them for N500 each.

Ifeanyi had to confess that he has been in the business for a long while after he dropped out of school at SS2 level following a mental illness.

According to the news source, the mob let ifeanyi go after much berating because he claimed it was the work of the devil and promises to change. Ifeanyi advised other female panties theif to abstain from such cruel acts.

Don’t it blame all on ifeanyi, blame  those buying panties worn by females of age between 14 – 30 for N400,000.  The police were completely oblivious of the incident and promises to make public a report once they do.

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