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The Plunging of our Nation – Solomon Ekeoma



The Plunging of our Nation

Solomon Ekeoma Ogbu

The proclivity of our Nation plunging into a deeper sea is so high… The rate at which the country is being handled by some individuals who have no interest of the populace at heart is so alarming…

From the indifferent President who is so biased as it regards national issues and insecurity in Nigeria… Of course, he has negative his inaugural speech which he stated inter alia “I belong to no one… I belong to everybody…”

The President has proven from recent national issues… Ranging from the IPOB proscription to the herdsmen’s unlawful acts, corruption of cabinet members et higher administrative officers to even the Boko Haram campaign at the North that he’s incapable of discharging his functions of his office as provided for in the constitution… Even to the recent JAMB-snake saga.

We have seen and experienced the alarming rate of corruption in Nigeria… This I must state has never been experienced in the history of Nigeria’s corruption cases. How can we talk of integrity of our “dutiful” President who has claimed blindness as regards certain National issues…

It is therefore at this point I must state that we as the youth of Nigeria must stand against all forms of corruption… Our constitution makes us powerful than the government… For benefit of doubt, section 14 of the 1999 constitution can be referred to. It’s high time we stood against all those who have no interest in our country… Public interest should and must at every point in time override individual interest (salis populi est suprema lex)

In lieu of this, I beckon on us all to get our PVC and vote out these guys out of office…
Let’s exercise our power, our sovereignty and every legal arsenal we have in our disposal…
Together we can do it!

On a lighter note… I’ll need to get bitter kola around my bank to protect my account from snakes.

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