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#MondayMotivation – Once there is Life, there is Hope



Everyone is born free, free to make decisions. As you make those decisions you realize that you get entangled in some sort of a barriers which you’ve set all by yourself. Some barriers good because they prevent you from harm, others bad.

#MondayMotivation - Once there is Life, there is Hope

Monday Motivation Quotes.

As long as you remain in the bad barriers, then you stay stagnant with bad energy.

Your time is your most important asset. Busy can be stupid. Sitting and thinking is highly underrated. – Steve Burns.

You cannot add milk in a glass full of milk.. But you can still add sugar in that which proves…. “Sweet people can make their space even in a filled heart – Ashwani Arora.

Never be afraid of chasing your dreams just because it is going to take time. Time will pass either way. It is up to you if it will be for better or for good. – Priya.

Go beyond words. Act! … act on your beliefs. Act on your hopes. Act on your expectations of yourself. Whatever it takes, act. – Vusi.

Together the impossible becomes possible. – Emanuella.

I let go of all things weighing me down. I forgive, release and move on. I am a light being. – Gordana.

Invest in yourself because that is best investment you can ever make. One new thought or idea in your self-improvement journey can change your life. Work on yourself and keep pushing for better things. – Kirubi.

if you can’t run jog, if you can’t jog walk, if you can’t walk crawl YOU HAVE TO KEEP MOVING – Liz.

Mediocrity is fatal. Do what the majority of people do and you will end up being a slave. Take action and work on your dreams and goals. Do not settle for a life of mediocrity and strive for greatness.

My mother was like a cat in the way she loved the country. She responded to the beauty, the peace and the solitude that it offered. She found this in her garden and she found it too in the countryside beyond. Solitude. She was happiest alone.”- C.R.Milne.

The most important thing in all we’re doing is being happy and always finding joy in all we do.

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, it’s what we do consistently – Cush Kelvin.

Do not despair in times of need. Your suffering will be temporary and success forever. So don’t give up, just find new ways to win – Zupta.

“Most people think things happen “to” them. Better way to live is to believe nothing happens “to” me. It happens & we happen to be in its way.”

By doing good to others you do good to yourself.#Kindness produces Oxytocin in the brain which releases nitric oxide in blood vessels .Nitric oxide reduces high BP, protects your heart& also from stroke. – Sunshine.

It all takes hard work and burning passion to make it in life. Good morning Twitter Family. – Masibulele.

If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse. – Nkosi.

If you truly want to change your life, you must first change your MINDSET. – Diarra.

By nature, men are nearly alike; by practice, they get to be wide apart. – Confucius.

Losers quit when they fail. Winners fail until they succeed.

Whatever your situation might be, set your mind to whatever you want to do and put a good attitude in it, and I believe that you can succeed. –Bethany Hamilton


People that make money most during election period in Nigeria




People that make money most during election period in Nigeria

Election period in Nigeria is one of the times businesses experience growth in their profit chart, well not all businesses. Each campaign rally organized by each political party cost nothing less than 1 million Naria for the cheapest of them. Add together all the logistics and expenses, you would be surprised at how much politicians throw away.

Its in favor of everyone in general, the money gets to circulate again. Everyone gets his or her fair share of money flowing in the circle, but some people doing certain businesses get most of the money during election period and they are listed below.

People that make money most during election period in Nigeria

Printing Press

These ones are the top earners. If there was one printing press in Nigeria, they will make more money in a day than bill gate. How ? Every street and road in Nigeria now is decorated with posters and fliers of all sort, campaign, manifestos, slanders etc. And not less than 100 posters are pasted in each street. Do the math.

So, get your own printing press against 2023 general elections.

Graphic Designers

Graphics designers are the second top earners, the design the printed fliers and they also design the online campaigns. Printing press can decide to be partisan, but graphics designers are not. They are best of any world. And trust me they double the cost when in contact with political parties.

Basic knowledge of Photoshop and the right connections can get you started. But you must really know your thing.

Wears Manufacturing factory

The third most lucrative business during election period in Nigeria. You can’t count the number of customized polo and caps during a political parties’s campaign. Wears manufacturing companies swing into 24 hours work time to meet demands during election periods. They are almost overwhelmed by the demand, so they increase the cost of production and guess what, politicians can afford any price.

Isn’t this a good business ideas ahead of 2023 ?.

Media Houses

Media houses are two times busier during election times. You can barely find a free slot with media houses because politicians own some media houses or have already paid for the free slots. It takes a lot to start up a media company, and it takes a lot to run it, so they’ll charge you a lot for a advert slot.

Stage Makers

These ones organize campaign grounds for parties. Sometimes if you don’t pay them well, they can build a collapsible stage for you, like the one that happened in Kebbi state. So political parties dish out serious amount for these guys and they deliver as much as you can pay.

To start, grab basic furniture making skills and enhance to metal work and general stage setup, then you’re good to go.


Bloggers too make money during election period, its part of their earning means. Displaying political ads online is a fortune generator for every blogger. You can extend to sponsored articles despite its side effect, but its your money right ? With a good blog, you can make up to 100,000 naira in a month.

Have good research and typing skills. Then pick a niche you know that relates with politics then you’re ready.

All of a sudden NGOs

During election period we see sudden spring out of unknown, overnight NGOs that agitate for various movements. Free and fair election, say no to vote buying, credible election, say no to political thuggery, etc. These are some of the topics these “All of a sudden NGOs” agitate for. They have their way of making money from it and its unique to each organization.

Reputable NGO’s perform their civic duties too, but you get to see more NGO in action only during election period.

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#MondayMotivation – Be Kind to Yourself




Life brings challenges, that’s normal. How you react, that depends on you. You react negative, it turns out negative. No two ways about that. You react positively, it turns out positive. Even when it turns out negative, still stay positive. That’s the best you can do for yourself.

To quench a fire is not by adding fire, you add water. Give yourself  a peace of mind and most importantly try again. You can never be wrong this time. If you become, stay positive and try again.

#MondayMotivation - Be Kind to Yourself

Monday Motivation Quotes

Don’t ask for an easier life, ask to be a stronger person. One who smiles rather than angers is always stronger. – Masentle

Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people. – Roy T. Bennett.

Athletes focus on what is in their control. The moment an Athlete starts worrying about things outside their lane, they will not get the results they want. There will always be external pressures, stay in your lane and do what you do. – Kirsty.

You are never too old to:

1 be afraid
2 forgive first
3 learn new skills
4 share wisdom
5 change your mind
6 apologize for mistakes
7 love again
8 make friends
9 be generous
10 choose happiness
11 remove clutter
12 read good books
13 show gratitude
14 try again – Vala.

A great attitude becomes a great mood, Which becomes a great day, Which becomes a great year, Which becomes a great life. – Gunner.

Never think hard about the past, it brings tears…. Don’t think more about the future it brings fears….. Live this moment with a smile, it brings cheers – Nick.

Worry is imagining worst case scenarios that are not yet real over and over in your mind. When you feel overwhelmed, try this: Focus on what actually IS in this NOW moment and breathe through it. Just by doing this, you are changing the future outcome. – Gordana.

No one makes a lock without a key. That’s why God won’t give us difficulties without a solution! – Malume.

Stop shrinking yourself to fit places you’ve outgrown. – Acho.

Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from pursuing your dreams. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. And never forget how wildly capable you are. – Tommy.

There is no such thing as painless transformation. – Shelton.

Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you LEARN. – SS Kim.

Sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want, not because you don’t deserve it but because you deserve so much more.

You can’t get rich with a job. The society has been programmed to take back your salary. Your job is for surviving. To become rich, you need an idea!!!

The strongest people make time to help others even if they’re struggling with their own personal demons. – Maximum.

Life is always full of ups and downs Work for the best and expect the worst Keep being yourself you must succeed Someday – Jeff.

It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.

The journey of the sun and moon is predictable. But yours, is your ultimate ART. – M. V.

Why get paid 12 times a year when there are 365 days in a year? Find something you love and work on how it can earn you an extra income. – Olivia.

You may be the only person left who believes in you, but it’s enough. It takes just one star to pierce a universe of darkness. Never give up. – Richelle E. Goodrich.


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