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Man’s life and marriage threatened by hell-bent ex-girlfriend



A young man from Benue state, Isaac Demight has taken to Facebook to narrate how his ex-girlfriend Akpera Doose threatens his life, family and marriage.

He narrates how he was the best husband-to-be but the relationship with Akpera didn’t work out for reasons unknown. Akepera who poses to know people of influence promise to deal with Isaac at any cost.

Man's life and marriage threatened by hell-bent ex-girlfriend

Man’s life and marriage threatened by hell-bent ex-girlfriend

Read what Isaac Demight wrote on Facebook as gotten from sources screenshot.

Ever since i did my traditional wedding my
Ex-girlfriend Akpera Doose Eugenia has been
tormenting me here and there with blackmails
and threats, she has threatened to deal with my
family saying I would not no peace and she
would stop at nothing till she breaks my
marriage my wife has been crying for over a
week now because our new born baby’s life to
is involve, they is no way I’ll be alive and allow
her go through this emotional pains ever again.
she once did something that almost cost my
wife’s life hope this picture reminds you of
that? Eugenia doose cannot over look this
anymore, the day I asked her hand in marriage
was the day I swear to protect her with my life
even if I stand alone in this fight, I have
betrayed my wife’s trust several times because
of this lady Eugenia doose. I even lied to my
wife (then girlfriend)that she is my cousin just
to get her working under her as a CF now she
is working and has gained momentum to
threating I and my wife, well the aim was to
empower her so she would at list have
something doing even if we eventually get married
(guess that was Satan playing with my
brain)l thank God for my life it never came to
past until I notice she is so secretive and cold
blooded yes am talking from experience I was
once the best boyfriend and best friend to the
family until broke up with her.
she has threatened and black mailed me
saying she hold secrets about me that she will
use against me if I don’t comply to her
demands for the past 9 months this lady has
not giving me piece today the heavens come
down tied of all your threats, but you know how
black mailers work they won’t stop so today l
accept her challenge what ever she has let her
bring it up for it is said if you are patient in one
moment of anger you will escape a hundred
days of sorrow but in these case its rather
coursing my wife and family pain she has
already made me a stranger to my brothers and
an alien to my mother instead of being a slave
to her and a coward I just have to do this and
many others that will be coming in to put an
end to this once and for all.
She said her family has money and she is
ready to fight me to any extent and take all the
consequences of her action she said she has an elder sister who works in Uni Agric
Mrs Iwuese tyo)and the husband is a doctor
and he knows people also that her father Mr
Joseph Akpera is a politician and he knows
people as well she continued by saying she
has good friends that will help her unleash the
evil she has against me that God has giving her
a boyfriend that is ready to join her in fighting
me and he mentioned his name Dereck and
making my research his name is Jinga Dereck
that the young man has people in police
offices and other places will be shocked to find
out. the only thing I wil tell the young man is,
dating this lady comes with a prize. bear it in
mind I’m a nobody I don’t have rich relatives
to fight for me or police friends or bankers as
she said other than God and the entire social
media community that will exclaim that I said
it before it happened so if anything should
happen to me or any member of my family she
is responsible
Have it in mind screen shot of your video calls
3 months back after my traditional in ur sisters
house in Abuja and in ur house (and for you
info my wife is aware am sure boyfriend is not
aware) showing me your thinking I will fall.

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On a long run i discovered this lady had hidden agenda and have been playing a smart one on
me probably because l was blind in love but I
refused to stay in a toxic relationship because
am holding onto what once was,t he beginning
of relationships are great, but then the mask
comes off, the show ends, & true colours show.
Don’t let the person they’ve become hurt you
because you’re hoping that who they once
were will return
We were so serious I had to go to her family
house in Katsina-Ala opposite college of
Education to spend the new year (2018) with
her family as a prospective son in-law to be in
the course of this relationship things didn’t
work out between us we broke up. Even at that
never did I fail to assist her siblings in the little
way I could which I can’t mention its not relevant, were did I go wrong Eugenia doose
that you won’t let me be? To be continued after
the next threat if she has not killed me at list l will die in piece for sure this will end!!!!
imagine you saying you will frustrate me until
my mother dies of high blood pressure,even
my worst enemy I won’t wish him/her that
because I once felt What it means loosing
someone dear to you (Baba) may your soul….