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Ants save 16-year-old girl from rape in Indonesia



16-year-old girl simply identified by her initials A.S has been saved from sexual abuse after an ant colony attacked the 29-year-old Toni Irawan who was attempting to rape her.

Irawan asked A.S for a drive around Sukamaju, South Sulawesi province, in Indonesia where he asked her for sex, but A.S refused to offer her body. Irawan suddenly stopped the car while A.S tried to escape. He dragged her to a nearby bush and was on the move to abuse her when her saving grace came by.

An ant colony just near by released some fiery ants which attacked both Irawan and A.S. Irawan who was mostly berated by the army of ants ran for his life while A.S ran into a nearby home for help.

After police search, Sukamaju police chief Iptu Alimin Pammu concluded to the local media that Irawan has since been arrested and is currently on remand as investigation continues.

If found guilty, Irawan faces between three and 15 years in prison.

Ants save 16-year-old girl from rape in Indonesia

Irawan in center

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