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Rice traders caught unpacking rice into fake 50kg bag (video)



In what is believed to be a joint action of traders from the three major ethnic group in Nigeria, rice traders were caught unpacking rice to another fake 50kg tagged bag.

The video shared online by a smart Nigerian suggest that the rice corruption occurred somdwsome the south-western part of Nigeria.

The traders divided the labour as follow. The women selling the rice are Yoruba, the men unpacking the rice to another bag are Hausa, while the men with the sealing machine are Igbo.

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Rice traders caught unpacking rice into fake 50kg bag (video)

The Yoruba women also took the liberty of removing about eight “derica” cup of rice from each bag after repacking.

The user, Woli Kekere who shared on Facebook wrote exactly,

“See how these women are removing 8 dericas from each bag, using a new slim fit bag to make it look 50kg. What do we call this?”

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