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Must Read for every lady – Should I change for my Husband ?

Be You, no compromises!



“When I marry, I’ll ask my husband if it’s okay for me to continue acting movies.”

“I’ll ask my fiance if he will allow me continue using social media after we marry.”

“I’ll take permission from my husband to apply for Masters.”

“I’ll keep/continue my job if my husband allows me to.”

When I hear women talk like this, I wonder why they feel like they need permission to live. It irks me because you don’t!. You are an adult for crying out loud so why do you need someone’s approval to make your choices ?

Now, this is not the same as asking someone what they think about a job offer you got or something you’re not sure about. You could share ideas or ask for someone’s opinion, at the end of the day, you’ll do what you believe is best. But giving up control of every area of your life is like agreeing to be someone’s dog or robot and that’s not wise.

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Dear Woman,
You don’t need permission to live your life or soar! You should decide what you want to be and do with your life and let whoever wants to love you embrace that part of you too. If the person you’re with met you as a workaholic and doesn’t like it, he can leave. Another man would find your work ethics attractive.

Must Read for every lady - Should I change for my Husband ?

Uchechi Uchenyi

If the person you’re with thinks you’re too ambitious, he can go find himself a girl whose only life dream is to be wife, mother, cook and cleaner and they will be happy.

If you’re a person actively involved in church and ministry and the guy isn’t too happy about it, he can leave and find him a girl who does Sunday Sunday medicine. Stop trying to panel beat yourself into different shapes just so the men in your life would be happier. Chances are that they will always find something to complain about and you will keep changing things to keep them happy.

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It’s not fair to you because gradually you’ll no longer be yourself but a suppressed puppy or female version of them.

The truth is, Most times, these kind of people don’t love you. They take you for granted, toy with your feelings and one day, you’ll get tired of living life like someone else.

Be You!

You were not born or created to be controlled by another. That’s why you have a brain and not maggots or brake fluid in that beautiful big head of yours.

Be You un-apologetically!

Be You, no compromises!

If they love you and are comfortable with you, they’ll stay. If not, they will go and another will come. If no one does, still BE YOU and ROCK IT. You Alone is better than a married clone/robot!

Written by Uchechi