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#MondayMotivation – Quotes to keep you going

Whether you win or lose is immaterial because nothing in this world is perfect. If you’re so anxious about winning and about making things perfect, then you will definitely get upset. This is an unwritten law.” – Unknown



They say words can destroy and at the same time, can build. You can say many words, but it takes only one to build a man. Motivational quotes that uplifts your spirit are so vital in this life of uncertainty. Where almost everything we see everyday is not in our control. We are being pushed on each side by the pressure which life brings. Even if your body fails, the engine on your inside will be quickened just by one word.

We craved the deepest part of the internet to bring you quotes that will keep you going. Most of them originate from the the twitter hashtag, #MondayMotivation. Its an online tradition where people all over the world write down piece of inspiring quotes with the #MondayMotivation. Creating a huge collection of motivational quotes for everyone.

#MondayMotivation - Quotes to keep you going


Monday Motivational Quotes

  1. Overthinking or over-analyzing are both rooted in the fear of making mistakes or of not having control over all the details and circumstances. The antidote to both is courage to TRUST that life and the Universe will work FOR you, not against you. Always! – Gordana
  2. Characterize people by their actions and you’ll never be fooled by their smiles. – Loleka
  3. Resolutions to make before 1/1/2019: • Upgrade your beliefs. • Learn something new. • Improve your nutrition. • Develop new lifestyle habits. • Meet new people in new places. • Step outside of your comfort zone. • Let go of things that don’t serve you. – Mahere
  4. Life is too short to walk around angry, so be happy and sing it out loud. – kay
  5. You don’t need a new year to Start over. You only need a Monday and new positive thoughts. Stay motivated. – Dimande
  6. This is the GREATEST period in human history, for entrepreneurs. It no longer costs millions of dollars to solve the world’s greatest challenges. It simply requires entrepreneurial thinking. – Jain
  7. The only disability in life is a bad attitude. Always repeat to yourself, ” Nothing is Impossible” – Swami
  8. Loving yourself is important don’t forget that – Zupta
  9. Insecure people put other’s achievement down to raise themselves up, Strong people raise others up! – Chand
  10. Focus on what you want, not what you’re afraid of. – Tony
  11. If there’s something weighing on your heart today, tell the Lord. Talk to him about your troubled thoughts, your sleepless nights and the fear that has taken away your peace. Sometimes we have to admit the thing to ourselves before we can even confess it to God. – Jim
  12. You Aren’t Really Disabled If You Know How To Explore Your Abilities. – Jadeja
  13. “Whether you win or lose is immaterial because nothing in this world is perfect. If you’re so anxious about winning and about making things perfect, then you will definitely get upset. This is an unwritten law.” – Unknown
  14. Don’t give up just because of what someone said. Use that as motivation to push harder.” – Sumit
  15. Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy. – Ackiwanuka
  16. 5 THINGS TO QUIT RIGHT NOW. 1. Trying to please everyone 2. Fearing change 3. Living in the past 4. Putting yourself down 5. Over thinking – Loyale
  17. Your life is 100% your responsibility – Azhar
  18. Good Morning Beautiful People Before you let the world in, make a little space for yourself…- Karabo
  19. “Success is the best revenge. I always feel women should answer back either with sarcasm or success”
  20. ‘Let us think the unthinkable, let us do the un-doable, let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all’ – Douglas Adams
  21. You are tough just like your life.
  22. A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. – Brad Henry.
  23. Take care of your thoughts while you’re alone, and watch your words while with others.
  24. For a determined, disciplined and focused mind, nothing is impossible. They start with what they have…willing to fail…willing to make mistakes…willing to be criticized…and willing to learn. They take ownership of their life.
  25. It’s never too early for your dreams to take flight.
  26. Do it for the people who want to see you fail.
  27. Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.
  28. If you want a better tomorrow, be prepared to work extra hard today.
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