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Indian man scams phone buyer in Lagos

Please beware
Mehn! Indian guyman don guy guyman”



A Nigerian man has cried out after an Indian man allegedly scammed him by selling fake Samsung Galaxy S9 to him for N100,000.
The fraud victim on his Instagram page revealed that the Indian told him that he was stranded in Nigeria and he needed some money to go back to India.

The victim didn’t realize the phone was fake until after he has paid the price in full.

Indian man scams phone buyer in Lagos

Indian man scams phone buyer in Lagos

Samsung Galaxy S9 costs 190,000 and above on genuine stores.

Read what the victim wrote,

“I got the shock of my life today, I wanted to change phone so I contacted a guy that assured me that he will get me a very good one. I was driving when I received a call from the guy, that someone wants to sell his phone, that I should hurry down.

I got there, he introduced me to one Indian guy, that the Indian guy wants to sell his phone, what I saw was a galaxy s9 plus, I asked him how much, he said 250k, that he needed money to travel back to India because he was stranded.

I inspected the phone, not an extensive check though, I offered to pay 100k, he agreed, I immediately headed straight to the bank and withdrew 100k and handed it over to him.

I only realized that it was a fake phone he sold to me, when I noticed that it’s front camera was sealed with plastic after taking a very close look, To make things worse, that money wasn’t mine, I had the intentions of buying then resell at a higher price.

This phone looks so real! He even gave me the phone receipt, we even took pics together, find attached copies of the receipt, the phone and the Indian guy’s pictures. I know quite well that when this post get shared some people will make foul comments, but just pray not to face worse situation, Please beware
Mehn! Indian guyman don guy guyman”

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