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Two armed robbers burnt to death in Aba

Well, you all know Chritmas is approaching.



Two unidentified armed-robbers were burnt to death today in Aba, after they were apprehended amidst a theft operation.

Well, you all know Chritmas is approaching.

Sources in the city of Aba reported that the robbers attacked a man reportedly coming out from Union Bank along Aba-owerri road in Aba. The armed-robbers met their water loom when their escape bike failed them. Whereafter they were caught and unfortunately, jungle justice was placed on them.

Two armed robbers burnt to death in Aba

Image of the barbiaric scene

The thieves were burnt beyond recognition alongside their bike. Unconcerned citizens watched as the thieved were beaten to stupor and set ablaze by angry Nigerians with a heart of stone.

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Rumors are the Nigerian Police were present but did not prevent the jungle justice.

In Aba, most times Jungle Justice is being carried out by uninformed Nigerians who think that the law doesn’t dish out enough punishment to offenders. So, they choose to take laws into their hands, which is a criminal case in Nigeria.

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The victim whom the robbers attacked remained safe with his money, according to source.

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