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Lady gives reason why she prefers married men and it’s all personal



A lady simply identified as Symply_tacha made open her sincere reason for choosing married men over unmarried men. Her motives are clear and you don’t need to master rocket science to know where she was pointing to.

The lady expressly said that regular men are always broke, they will want to have it all when they give ladies the least 5k. She also made an expression on how far regular/unmarried men go with the legs in order to meet their taste. Which is contrary to married men that gives less stress and better at giving money .

It’s not my business anyway.

It’s obvious she isn’t comfortable playing with married men. She said, since they’re married, she is sure they won’t cheat on her.

Like that even makes any sense.

Although we don’t recommend any form of ill moral behavior.

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Following the tweet were reactions by concerned individually, who must not keep their thoughts to themselves.


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