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Job aspirant loses job opportunity for having two expensive phones

According to the user @okekecc who shared the story, the phones were worth over 200,000 naira each.



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A story making rounds on social media tells of a job seeker who lost his chance of employment because he owns two expensive phones.

It doesn’t end there.

According to the user @okekecc who shared the story, the phones were worth over 200,000 naira each.

Obviously, It’s not a crime to own two phones worth 200,000 naira each and still be a job seeker. That would not deny you the opportunity of landing a nice job.

@Okekecc who shared the story said that the candidate’s latest academic/professional certificate was 4 years ago.

This coerced the lead interviewer to speculate that the candidate couldn’t add value to himself, therefore denying the candidate of the opportunity.

Tweet screenshot

Tweet Screenshot

In most profession, certain certificates must be renew by undertaking examinations, so as to maintain relevance of the certificate and It’s holder. The basic certificate in Nigeria which is the O’ Level certificate needs no renewal as well as the first degree. However it is required in most job field suchs as Computer Networking that holders of Cisco recognized certificate renew their latest certification on intervals.

According to source.

Someone recently didn’t get a job cos he was in possession of two phones worth over 200k but his last academic/professional certification was 4 years ago.
Lead interviewer simply said “If he can’t add value to himself, I don’t see him adding value to this firm”

Real life story.


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