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Nkwerre State Constituency Representation will be at its best with Hon. Barr Obinna Okwara



Hon. Barr Obinna Okwara

Nkwerre Local Government Area in Imo state is placed as one of most recognized local Government in Imo state, from its high regards of cultural values to peaceful coexistence of its people. An average Nkwerre man is skilled in business and an entrepreneur by default.

There has been recent development in the political sector of Nkwerre local government but all without Practical Representation of Nkwerre local government and its people – this non-practical representation has brought “No” visible project to the people of Nkwerre except the ones commissioned by The Chief of staff (Ugumba Uche Nwosu).

But taking a new turn from non-practical representation to practical and heavy representation, attracting projects and making Nkwerre a better place is the “Goals” of Hon.Barr Obinna Okwara who is the son of the Eshi of Nkwerre and also former representative of Nkwerre state constituency. It is believed that No one knows a place better than the person that has been there before.

Hon.Barr Obinna Okwara made it clear that Nkwerre constituency will be getting back on track with him as the representative and also with the presence of Ugwumba Uche Nwosu who is son of the soil and also a Governorship Candidate.

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