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FRSC saves a Nigerian man who was tired of the hardship from committing suicide



FRSC group saved a man who endeavored suicide, by hanging himself, yesterday morning in the Idah zone of Kogi State.

It was accounted for that the FRSC authorities while on a standard watch, were educated by a business motorcyclist that a unidentified man was endeavoring to end his life by dangling from a tree.

The authorities, promptly raced to the area inside a shrubbery to protect him.

The group found the man in an oblivious state as yet swinging from the tree.

The man was promptly brought down from the tree and the cardiopulmonary revival (CPR) was done on him before he could recapture cognizance.

Amid the CPR, the police were reached and they met the FRSC group at the scene while they were playing out the CPR on him.

The police promptly got inquisitive over the purposes for his activities and squandered no time in asking him for what good reason he had endeavored suicide.

The man, who recognized himself as Agada Opanachi, a staff of the Ministry of Agriculture had this to state:

“The hardship is too much for me and I can’t cope than to hang myself. For the past two year I have not taken a kobo after wasted all my money for screening in Lokoja.”

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