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Bank Staff arrested for stealing 1,235,648.50 Naira from customer



An Ugandan woman who was filling in as a teller at Stanbic Bank, Choma, has been condemned to four years’ detainment for purportedly taking the entirety of  33,928.20 Zambian Kwacha (1,235,648.50 Naira) having a place with a client.

Ms. Sandra Thindwa was discovered blameworthy at the Choma Magistrates Court in Choma, Zambia by Principle Resident Magistrate Exnobert Zulu, on a two-tally charge of robbery by worker, and illegal tax avoidance.

Byta FM in Choma reports that on dates obscure however between 31st December, 2015 and 29th January, 2016, Sandra Nthindwa of Choma in check one mutually and while acting together with people obscure stole Thirty three thousand Nine Hundred and twenty eight Kwacha Twenty ngwee (K33, 928.20).

The cash came into her ownership by ethicalness of being utilized by Stanbic Bank, Choma Branch.

In Count two, she was blamed for Money laundering of a similar sum by methods for false bookkeeping exchanges.

The State called 11 witnesses who affirmed on vow, with the first being Munalula Kusowa from Stanbic Head Office who vouched for getting a protestation from Zambeef Choma through the Stanbic Choma Branch Manager that the sum being referred to was not credited in the record after a store was made by Euclife Chaaba, an Amarguard officer however now expired.

Also, throughout the examination, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) Senior Investigations Officer Mwansa Sibongile affirmed that the bank’s CCTV film was erased as the framework is on auto erase following 90 days. She additionally found that the charged even drew in herself in a boutique business.

However, in guard, Nthindwa affirmed that at close of business on the material day, everything adjusted and the Bank Custodian marked.

Notwithstanding, in the court’s discoveries, it was set up that the exchange was not demonstrating on the Teller log and Account articulation yet just on two manually written store slips given to the Depositor.

The Court said if the cash was “gulped” by the anticipation account, a lack would have emerged however it adjusted in light of the fact that the printed material was done falsely and the money was not introduced to the Bank Custodian.

In moderation Counsel W.F Cheelo from KBF and Partners requested that the Court practice tolerance expressing that the convict is a mother who has lost her activity and will bear the tag of being a sentenced individual until the end of time.

In passing sentence, Principle Resident Magistrate Exnobert Zulu considered the way that Nthindwa is a first wrongdoer yet the offense submitted has turned out to be so uncontrolled countrywide.

He said her activities depicted voracity which may influence the trust between the two associations.

He in this way condemned her to four years straightforward detainment in check one and vindicated her for illegal tax avoidance.

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