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30,000 Nigerians living illegally in Germany are set for deportation



Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, made this yet-to-be-made move yesterday in Abuja when he received in audience, Dr Jan Hecker, the Security Adviser to the President of Germany,

He said

“They don’t have enough faith and confidence in the process that we have at the moment for the repatriation process. Some of the delays, they believe, is with the mission and consulate in Germany.

“They want to propose a completely new process of repatriation known as Return and Re-admission.”
“They will bring them here to Nigeria and say we have gone through a process in Germany, these people are your nationals, they have exhausted all the legal processes, please take them. And it will be here on Nigeria’s territory that any possibility will then exist to say maybe that one is not or this one is not.”

30,000 is enough number of people to make a city. I wonder which plane flight will take them all.

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