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Nigerian recounts how SARS men stopped him three times due to his dressing



Nigerian man, Lanre Adewale recounts how he was stopped by SARs officials thrice and once by Police officials. It is no longer news that properly dressed individual are usually harassed by SARS officials in Lagos.
He narrated how he was questioned like he was in for a one-on-one interview.

Read what his piece below.

I was stopped 3 different times today alone by 2 different sets of SARS officials and one set of police offical. The following conversations took place:

SARS official 1 at challenge bus stop Ibadan: Young man, may I know you?
Me: I’m Lanre Adewale (I was standing with my fiancee, WP Olaoluwa and his friend)
SARS official: where do you work?
Me: I work for myself
SARS official: What do you do?
Me: I’m an entreprenuer
SARS official: (turning to WP Olaoluwa) what do you do?
WP Olaoluwa: I’m a student
SARS official:(after so many conversation back and forth and our savage responses) Give us money for fuel.
We Joking declind and they left.

SARS official 2 (at Cocoa house dugbe), walks to me and brought out his ID: I’m a police officer and my boss wants to see you
Me: Okay (WP Olaoluwa and his friend have left by that time, it’s just me and my fiancee)
SARS official boss (sitting in a car): May we know you?
Me: (Seems like that phrase is a common phrase within the police sect) I”m Lanre Adewale
SARS official boss: what do you do and where do you you live?
Me: Why do you ask?
SARS official: I suspect you and I deserve to ask you some questions
Me: (angrily raising my voice like) WTF! do you mean?
SARS official boss: threatening to take me to station and delay me
Me: What I look like someone who doesn’t know his right? Tell me on what charge you are taking me to station and what I’m going there to do.
Passersby quickly started starring at the guy ranting with SARS officials.
They soon realize I’m seriously disgracing them with my savage responses and serious anger on my face.
They drove off in anger!

Police official : (On my way home from Cocoa house) stops my bike and guess what, their usual language……may we know you?
Me: Why would you like to know me?
Police official: I just want to know you and what you do
Me: I’m Lanre Adewale and I’m an entrepreneur
Police official: At where?
Me: (teasing them…what do you mean at where?)
Police: Where do you work?
Me I work for myself and my website is my company
Police: Where is you ID?
Me: I don’t have one
Police: how then do we believe what you’re doing then?
Me: Does the fact that I have no ID make me a thief of a jobless person?
Police: (After so much savage responses back and forth as usual) but you talked to me rudely
Me: I’m sorry if I did (walking away)

Bottom line: Be confident whenever those bastards approach you! they can sense fear in you when they are talking to you and they always capitalize on that to extort money from you. Build confidence and you will be unstoppable!

Some said my dressing attracted them to keep stopping me like that BTW. I wonder if it is now a crime to dress in a certain manner in this country now.

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