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Linda Ikeji is getting married



It first came as a rumor but now it is confirmed that Linda Ikeji is getting married. The Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji described as being fully ripen for marriage stayed single for a very long time. Well, that will not be the same after a post flared on social media by her sister Laura Ikeji, congratulating her on her soon marriage.

Laura didn’t reveal the identity of the man. But as rumors will have it the man is a US based Nigerian, who was one time Linda Ikeji’s ex. Don’t think of the OAP, Dan Foster who sometime dated Linda Ikeji. Their relations split after it was revealed that Dan Foster had kids in his country.
Linda Ikeji likes honest men.
Well, possible and most likely person to put the ring on Linda Ikeji is Don Jazzy who has always openly professed his love for the entertainment blogger.