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Advert billboard falls on a commercial bus killing 3 Lagos



Sad incident which occurred today at Ilasa bus-stop, along the Oshodi-Apapa expressway, Lagos during a traffic rush hour claimed the lives of three persons.
An advertisement billboard killed 3 people with several others injured after a it fell on a commercial bus. According to a passerby, when the billboard was hit by a truck working on the road, it fell and hit the bus. The steel pole which had the advertising board mounted to it, came down on the roof of the commercial bus and further flattened the bus.

Watch the video from the scene of the tragic incident.

According to the source person on Facebook.
How often or how long do we need to bury our loved ones simply because some people or organisation are bent in making money irrespective of the implications involved in such businesses?

How disheartening will it be when one smiles and bade his or her Daddy, mummy, Brother,friend or Sister goodbye only for him or her to be called by a Road Safety Officer or a Medical Attendant for him to come identify his or her loved one in a morgue.
Although reports indicate that it was a malfunctioning truck that hit the road sign before it fell on the vehicle

Whereas, my understanding is that what actually happened today at Ilasa bus stop on Apapa-Oshodi that led to the death of three persons and many injured, would have been averted.
My issues about ROAD SIGNS in most roads in many cities and suburbs across the Country stemmed out of the experience i had in Kaduna State dating to 2013, where a very gigantic companies Billboard would have crushed my young brother, owing to a systemic failure on the part of the company.

Many of this said bill boards, overtime have been abandoned or regularly used without any form of maintenance services, outright negligence of weather conditions, particularly wind humidity, and soil texture before erecting such bill boards; some of them are erected without feasibility study but with outright disregard to road use and master plan of some cities

This series of event is so disastrous particularly at this point in our history when we are trying so hard to put certain things in place for our economic and socio-political development.
Companies, individuals and corporate organisation engaging in this business should rebrand

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