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Young Nigerian shares his experience with SARS operatives and it’s a sad news



The #ENDSARS has cold out on the internet and yet, the Government has not made an attempt to check the harsh approach of SARS operatives towards Nigerians when they want to carry out their “duty”.

A young Nigerian on Facebook shared the experience he had with SARS operatives on his way to see his barber. He recorded that he was assaulted by some unidentified SARS operatives who pushed him to a car and meanly requested to see his phone. He struggled and refused to let them see his phone, drawing serious attention.
The SARS operatives was forced to let him go.
It’s so unfair to young Nigerians who are trying as much as possible to get their heads above the waters and yet by maltreated by what was meant to protect him. According to him, at first he was called to attention by a SARS operative who he thought was one of these “area boys” who like to test your guts. So he snubbed.
If he mistook a SARS operatives for an area boy, then the way SARS operatives dress should be looked into. Perhaps the SARS operatives was not good looking enough to qualify as a law enforcement agent.

Read his story below.

Today, I was harassed twice by the infamous SARS. I was held and handled like I was specially on their wanted list. I was lost in anger and confusion, and I won’t stop asking these questions:

Do we walk our streets with fear choking us?

Is it a crime to be a lad today?

Should be look like slaves because we don’t want to be treated like criminals for looking good?

– Should we use phones produced in the 90s to prove our innocence?

Nigeria is my country and I love it so much, but it’s a shame citizens have to suffer this kind of lawlessness in the hands of “men with guns.”

When asked by another Facebook user “What exactly did they “attack” you for? For holding a fancy phone? Or did they found anything incriminating on ur phone?”

He said.

 I wasn’t holding a phone, to begin with. I had just returned with my sister from the center she sat for the Jamb exams held earlier today. 

As I got home, I decided to pay my barber a visit, but I got stopped by a guy who was leaning against a car. In the car, there were two other men. 

“where are you going to?” he asked, meanly. I was surprised and I thought he was one of the random street guys trying to be funny. Without saying a word, I tried walking past him, only for me to be held by my pants’ band and harshly pushed against the car he was previously leaning on. 

Just as I was asking what I did wrong, one other unidentified man came down from the car, held my shirt by the collar and he pinned me on the car so hard. 

It was then the eldest of them all said I was suspected to indulge 
in cyber fraud, and my phone had to be checked by them. 

This statement made me get so angry and I refused to give them my phone unless I saw a warrant. 

Things heated up so fast and we had more audience than the famous Mayweather Vs Pacquiao fight. 

They were forced to let me go, when people asked to see if I existed on their wanted list, or if they had a search warrant and they couldn’t provide it.

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