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Who is Lasisi Elenu and what does he do for a living ?



Instagram celebrity Lasisi elenu, SumJusAppenRighNow who drew the spotlight on him by his entertaining videos on Instagram has finally revealed to the world what he does of a living.

But before we spill the beans let’s profile Lasisi Elenu in a bit.

  • Real Name : Adeyemi Musa Afolabi
  • Age: 28
  • Education: Agriculture and Bio-system Engineering at UNILORIN
  • Attended St. Joseph Secondary School.
  • Loves rapping and keeps beards
Lasisi is among #TeamBearedGang and a huge fan of Rick Ross. Reason why a graduate is now an entertainer on Instagram is very obvious but that is not the story here. Lasisi was once a teenager with a very rough beginning of an average Nigerian. Thank God for maturity, because his younger self I doubt will be much appreciated on Instagram. Most of his pictures on on social media are photos of him with guys, this many believe he might join  the “Oshee Baddest gang”.  For now, his closest friend is his ride and he talks about it a lot. Fill you eyes with the above picture gallery of Lasisi Elenu .
So what does Lasisi Elenu do for a living?
He “rants” for a living. Yes, he post videos of himself angrily complaining of everyday experience of a Nigerian in a rather funny way. This way he attracts fans to his page on Instagram, making more like a Celebrity. Currently he bags half a million followers on Instagram and that enough should make your contents trend on social media. You already know this, but how does he rant for a living. 
If you in this century and you do not know that social media content creators make money, then you should point me to the rock where you live in. 
Lasisi Elenu gets paid for making funny videos that promotes brands. Which is more tasking because he has to tear out his creative packs in order make a funny video which will create awareness for a brand and also be funny. 
If you doubt Lasisi Elenu rants for a living then your case is worse then that of Thomas. Lasisi confirmed he rants for a living in a post he made on Instgram. He has become one of Nigerian’s top comedian as he shares stage with popular comedians such as Ali-Baba, AY, Gordons, Seyi Law etc in entertainment events.
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Lasisi’s church member  “Brahh Segun” as Lasis Elenu calls him is his major problem due to the way he stalks him most Sundays. Brahh Segun one time hooked Lasisi Elemu up with a girl in his church who is Sapiosexual, freaking Lasisi out the more.