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When I become the President of Nigeria, every youth corp member’s allowance will be N50k monthly



Has it been  possible for a non-politician to get into politics newly and become the president of a country ? – Yes. Donald Trump did it.

Another possibility is the case of a Sahara reporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore who carries on his campaign promises ahead of the 2019 presidential elections and this time has a big hook, he said

 ‘If You’re A Youth Corps Member (“Corper”) And You Agree To Serve Anywhere In Nigeria You’re Posted Your Take Home Allowance Will Be N50,000 starting From May 29, 2019, When I Become The President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria’.
‘It Will Be A New Day For The SHORTCHANGED Youths Of Nigeria. If Former Oil Minister Diezani And Her Cohorts Could Steal Over $2 billion For Themselves, Youth Corp Members Deserve Decent Renuemeration. Corpers Serving In Volatile States (Borno, Bayelsa, Rivers, Yobe, Zamfara, Benue, Plateau) Will Get Life Insurance Worth N10million In Case Anything Untowards Happen To Them. You All Are On Our Mind’.

Well, the above statement is not different from what other failing and failed politicians in Nigeria have said or will say.

Omoyele also mentioned that

 ‘do You Know That Over 30,000 Niger Delta militants in the Federal “Amnesty Programme” Receive N135,00 per month? They get N65,000 as “Bush Allowance” and N70,000 as “Feeding Allowance”. This is separate from school fees in private schools and foreign universities, air tickets in addition to looting. The costs are ginormous to the extent that President Buhari had to fire PAUL Boroh a few days ago. Nigeria Can Certainly Afford N50,000 as starting “allawee” for its corp members. They deserve decent bush and feeding allowances too!’.

And that is indirectly true as militants or ex-militants are now big boys in their habitat. Cases of militancy being sponsored by politician is not known but there is a light in that.

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