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Wanna address girls that put on so call human hair – Gideon Lavitot



Wanna address girls that put on so call human hair.. did I just say human hair!!! Sorry fake human hair…
Stop feeling on top.. u got a hair for 20k n u make other girls that fix hair of 5k feel worth less… If u wanna compete go out der u see children of 15-17yrs putting on hair of 200k… N dey b playing on d sand with it…

Any doubt??? Come to lekki… Or even some places in pH and abj…we get understand… U trying… But stop making us know ur putting on human hair by putting #humanhair #epensiveshit #notryus #hairgoals… Abeg …

That hair do not guarantee u a free pass to quilox or any reasonable place … With ur human hair bouncers go still bounce u n call u Ashawo… If u fix real expensive hair 👍 (thumbs up)… For ur pocket

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